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On Gossamer Wings

Bat Wings with Black Frames and Bat/Moon/Trees/Cat Digital Art Overlay

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These adult-sized wings are my bat/dragon design. The frames are painted black. The film is a crystal iridescent that has a digital painting of a night sky with nebulae, full moons, crescent moons, bare tree silhouettes, and black kitties! When iridescent film of any color is applied to something dark like the artwork used, it causes the copper/orange to pop more at certain angles. Please note the images which show the "back side" of the wings to illustrate this color change.

This style of wings is the lightest weight I have made to date, and they are made to be worn in a strapless manner, although straps can easily be included (just message me upon check out). Made with a sturdy recycled/biodegradable plastic lamination, they can withstand being bumped against walls, doorways, and people, and they still look gorgeous! They also move with the most realistic and beautiful flutter when you move or you stand in a breeze.

Due to the material used in making these fairy wings, small imperfections like air bubbles and wrinkles may occur in the creation process. While the petals of the wings are quite flexible, please avoid bending them as this will lead to the formation of air pockets. Air in the wings can sometimes be removed by using either a heat gun or hair dryer to smooth the surface. Always keep the heat in motion so as to not burn a hole in your wings. Also, please wear heat resistant gloves for your safety.

These wings measure 31" wide by 16" tall.

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